Seitan Salad

I first had a similar version of this dish at Tamarind, a vegan-friendly place in downtown Bar Harbor around the Village Green. I really like this salad alongside Chickpea Artichoke Salad – they are similar but compliment each other well. Like making pasta sauce, you shouldn’t need to measure for this recipe…just eyeball it. The ratio of ingredients just isn’t so important.

~1 C seitan, homemade or store bought, cold or at room temp (just not frozen)
~1/2 C almonds
~1/3 C dried cranberries
~1/3 C vegan mayo

Put seitan and almonds into a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. There should be no whole almonds left, and it should look chunky – nowhere near smooth. Dump into a medium size bowl and add cranberries and mayo, combine well. I recommend a 15-30 minute sit in the fridge to chill and meld flavors.


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